Uncategorized August 8, 2018

How to promote your WordPress Theme.

Some people say that promotion of the product is more important than the actual product. On the one hand, I absolutely disagree, because quality is main criteria of every business. If you want to be successful, your product should be qualitative and effective for customers. Only in this case your business could exist and be powerful because of its consumer utility.

But on the other hand of this story, marketing services could help you in promotion. Harmful marketing “experts” like to assure us of high-profitable products, ultra-effectiveness, easy in use, and so in, while in reality these goods don’t work at all. It’s important to understand, that you should promote such descriptions, as your product has in fact. Don’t hurt your brand reputation. The truth will instantly appear.

If you’re assured of the quality of your product, let’s talk about marketing promotion.

E-mail list.

How often do you build an email list with the aim to convince your potential clients to join your mailing list by offering a free gift? This method doesn’t work already.

It is hard to hold customer’s attention by sending emails. The secret is in content-driven, but not promotion-driven communication. Make sure that your newsletters are full of useful information and send promotional messages only once a week.

Using online ads just for online ads.

Adwords is an effective tool when you create your own campaign and want to redirect people to a landing page where they can instant purchase one of your services. Using this service just to get some traffic to your website without offering anything useful will bring you waste of money.

Remember, that AdWords is suitable just for direct response advertising only.

How about online job boards?

Competitive ability displaces many people from these platforms, like freelancer.com and other. Few years ago it was a good idea, but nowadays you should search for other ways of realization you professional skills. If you want just to make some money, but you’re not interested in building a powerful business, you can try it. But our advice consist in utilization your personal network of contacts.


It’s not a surprise, that we’ve mentioned SMM. Nowadays it is the most popular way to promote your product. But people make mistakes whatever, spamming and making directly promotion, asking people to visit their website. The right solution is to attract customer’s attention providing them special information or conducting surveys to understand their problems and ways of solvation. Be closer to your auditorium for getting feedback.